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Markus & the Insel-Brauerei

I discovered my passion for beer when I was a teenager. A brewery tour in Saarland fascinated me so much that I trained as a brewer and studied brewing in Weihenstephan in Bavaria. It was 1996 when I moved to the north-east and worked for many years as managing director at Störtebeker Braumanufaktur in Stralsund. Rügen became my home and was also to become the location for my own brewery with rare beers.

The idea of a unique brewery

In 2015, I opened the Insel-Brauerei. The idea for a unique brewery had been simmering for a few months before. I met Andries and Frans de Groen while drinking beer. I let them become part of my thoughts. Both were enthusiastic and we became partners. So I realised my idea with two very experienced and great brewmasters from Belgium as well as the USA. The intention was to combine the best of the three great beer countries. The production costs should not determine the technology and raw materials, but only the best for the ideal taste value - no matter how elaborate it might be. We spent many days sitting together, thinking, creating and trying our hand at more than 100 brewing experiments or rebuilding machines based on historical models. We simply got started.

Rare Beers with bottle conditioning

I define my goal as achieving the highest, previously unknown enjoyment value for beer. I can say with a clear conscience that no one brews like we do. Our beers are truly unique. That is the reason why I chose the term rare beers. We are talking about little-known, forgotten or self-created and interpreted beer styles. The island of Rügen is the home of the brewery and the beers. Inspired by the local nature, I have developed an individual brewing recipe with bottle ageing and a unique packaging technology with light-protective paper. This is how our beers present a special freshness, a fine sparkling carbonation and a firm foam. They are just as enjoyable as wine. We are proud that with all this we have created a small beer category of our own.

Classic beers: The art of craft brewing

The new Hiddenseer brand harks back to the originality and artisanal brewing methods that have been partially lost due to modern brewing methods. It is named after the small neighbouring island of Hiddensee in the same municipality, which is known for its unspoilt nature and artistic atmosphere. Hiddensee beers include classic styles such as Hell, Pils and Weizen. These beers are characterised by the use of floor malted barley, natural hops, open fermentation in sea air and bottle ageing. Find out more here.

How we work

At the Insel-Brauerei, we focus on craft work. Our team consists of brewers, brewmasters and beer sommeliers. Our work fills us with joy and unites us as friends. We try to live good human relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and service providers with positive energy every day. Everything we do serves only one goal: to brew and present the most enjoyable beer.

We are the Insel-Brauerei